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Houston, TX

Hokkaido Milk Tea


Hokkaido milk tea is made of high-quality black tea leaves including Assam, Darjeeling, and Earl Grey varieties with non-dairy creamer. The tea is sweetened with caramel.

Sinkers:Tapioca Mango Jelly Strawberry Jelly Rainbow Jelly Lychee Jelly Herbal Jelly Coffee Jelly Green Apple Jelly Coconut Jelly Egg Pudding Crystal Boba Strawberry Boba Lychee Boba Passion Fruit Boba Mango Boba Peach Boba
Extra Sinker:Milk Foam +$0.65Tapioca +$0.50Egg Pudding +$0.50Strawberry Jelly +$0.50Mango Jelly +$0.50Rainbow Jelly +$0.50Coffe Jelly +$0.50Lychee Jelly +$0.50Green Apple Jelly +$0.50Coconut Jelly +$0.50Crytal Boba +$0.50Strawberry Boba +$0.50Mango Boba +$0.50Lychee Boba +$0.50Passion Fruit Boba +$0.50Peach Boba +$0.50Tamarind Candy Straw +$0.99
Ice Levels:Reg Ice 75% Ice 50% Ice +$0.2525% Ice +$0.50No Ice +$0.75
Sweet Levels:75% Sugar 50% Sugar 25% Sugar No Sugar
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Houston, TX